What’s In a Name?

This post is actually going to be my first (mini) review.  Before the review, I want to address the name of my new beauty blog: Angel Della Beauty.  I was named after my grandmother, Angel Della.  But that’s not my name.  My mom wanted me to be named after her mother but thought the name Angela Del would be more appropriate for my time period.  I do love my name, but I think I would have loved my name still if it had been identical to my grandmother’s.

I never met my grandmother and she never got to meet me.  She died a few months before my mother got married.  She was only 56, a year older than I am now.  My heart aches to know Angel Della.  My mother tells me that I am like her in so many ways.  While I am fair skinned and she was darker, we both have the same body shape/size.  From what I hear, my grandmother and I had/have similar personalities and interests.  She was 100% super mom…devoting her entire time here on earth to her family.  Had she lived, I have no doubt she would have been an even greater grandmother.

Besides parenting, Angel Della loved flower gardening, a hobby she and I share.  Gardening required a lot of time in the sun, but my mom recalls that she never went outside without a huge hat and lightweight clothing covering her from head to toe. So apparently we shared another interest: skincare.

While my interest in skincare is based primarily on anti-aging, it’s possible that Angel’s interest stemmed from an obsession to keep her skin as light as possible.  Angel Della was of mixed heritage, half Native American (Cherokee) and half Caucasian.  Sadly, in her time and place, being part Native American automatically put you in a lower class status.  In fact, the story is that my grandfather was from a wealthy land owning family who basically disowned him when he married my grandmother.  With that stigma, it is thought that my grandmother wanted to keep her skin as light as it could naturally be. Whatever the reason behind her skin protection, there was no doubt that when she died in her mid 50s, she had the skin of a much younger woman.

This talk of skincare brings me to my first quick review.  Since I cannot bear the thought of covering myself head to toe while in the sun, as my grandmother did, I have gone through a small arsenal of skincare products. To make a long story short, I have pared it down to my favorite sun screens for my face, body, and hands.

Let’s start with my face.  I want a lightweight sunscreen lotion that I can wear alone as my last item in my morning skincare routine, or under makeup without changing the consistency of my primer and foundation.  Right now, my go to product is Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector, SPF 50.  I learned of this product through Angie from Hot and Flashy.  She has a very thorough review of Exuviance that is well worth your time.

My favorite body sunscreen is also a recommendation from Angie: Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 50.  This is the sunscreen I purchase for my body AFTER I have used up all my SPF samples and SPF products that I have on hand which did not work for my face.

My final sunscreen recommendation is for my hands: Super Goop Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn.  I love this product so much!!  I have a large container with a pump by my sinks and a small tube in my purse.  Since I keep my granddaughter and also help keep house for my daughter, I constantly have my hands in water, washing away any sunscreen I applied earlier.  I must always use a hand cream on my dry hands, so it’s great that I can utilize one containing sunscreen along with extra ingredients for healthy skin.  I initially purchased this product through Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, which is coming up again soon, on July 22.

To conclude, I am 55 now, and my prayer is that my Lord will bless me with a much longer life than my grandmother lived.  Then, when my time is up, to give me a home in heaven where I will finally meet the woman I am named after.  My plan is to keep my skin looking great until that time…

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. ❤

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Exuviance; Banana Boat Sport; Supergoop Hand Cream

2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Sue Maras says:

    Well done again my friend!! I too was on the search for face and body protection in the past few weeks and decided that I am going to order the Exuviance too! I’m also considering getting that other one Angie mentions by HydroPeptide only 30 SPF. Looking forward to more fantastic entries from you😘

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