Two Faced: Medical Grade Skincare vs Natural Skincare

IMG_1702While the term “two faced” generally has a negative connotation, lately I’ve had the thought that if only I really did have two faces, and unlimited funds, I could treat one face with medical grade skincare products and the other face with natural grade products to see which face fared the best in the long run.  

As it is, I am recently torn between both worlds and part of the week I use one set of products while the other part of the week I treat with the other set.  So basically, because I’m obsessed with both worlds at the moment, I alternate days…one day medical grade, the next natural grade.  

Medical Grade Skincare

I have tried a host of medical grade products in the last few years, but if I had to pare it down to my most loved items, I would choose the following products:


-Obagi Tretinoin Cream

-Skinceutical’s CE Ferulic

-Epionce Lite Lytic Tx

-Skinceutical’s Resveratrol B E 

-Skinmedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

-Skinceutical’s AOX Eye Gel

-Skinceutical’s A.G.E. Interrupter 

I have literally witnessed the improvement in the health and beauty of my skin from using these medical grade products. There are also a few medical grade products I am currently using where I believe in the science behind them, but since I have kept my skin in pretty good shape with a regular regimen incorporating the products mentioned above, I haven’t been able to see major improvement, rather I just have faith that using these products regularly is slowing the aging process.  I hope to talk about some of these products in a later post.

Natural/Green Skincare

I have only just started dabbling in the natural side of skincare, but it hasn’t taken long for me to reap some amazing rewards.  As I mentioned already, I incorporate natural skincare in my regimen approximately every other night.  I bet you can guess which nights I look forward to!  In the short time I’ve been using these products, the only physical improvements I can definitely attest to are the calming effects on irritated skin.  Oh, but the sensory benefits are numerous!  I have completely fallen for most of the products I have been trying.  There are two brands I am putting through my skincare trials right now: Indie Lee and May Lindstrom.  Sunday Riley, a fellow Texan, is a brand generally comprised of a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients.  I love her products and have repurchased several already.  Sunday Riley was my gateway brand into the natural realm of skincare.

Following are the products I have tested and adore from these three brands:

-Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

-IL CoQ10 Toner

-IL Swiss Apple Facial Serum

-IL Calendula Eye Balm

-IL Squalane Facial Oil

(The above products are my full routine on some days)

-May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden Mist

-ML Blue Cocoon

-Sunday Riley Good Genes

-SR Start Over Eye Cream

-SR Luna and Flora Oils

-SR Bionic Cream

I plan to write a separate review on each product, or group of products, that I mentioned in this post, so please come back and see why I love each of these skincare greats.  I also hope to conclude the series with a comprehensive post featuring a showdown between the two categories of skincare.  I want to finalize with this conclusive entry because I need to satisfy the scientific nerd in me, and settle on the best avenue of skincare for my mature skin.

Thank you for listening to this introduction to my skincare journey through my mature years❤️

6 thoughts on “Two Faced: Medical Grade Skincare vs Natural Skincare

  1. ABeautifulWhim says:

    I definitely see better results with the clinical skin care products. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is the gold standard of C serums and one of the best products I’ve ever used! I also love the SkinMedica HA5 hydrator. I’ve been using the Obagi tretinoin for year as well. Not too fond of the AOX eye gel but I think IS Clinicals Youth Eye Serum is amazing as is NeoCutis Lumiere Riche. I have not had much luck with natural products. I enjoy using them but always alongside the clinical skin care.


    • angeldellabeauty says:

      Yes! It’s been a while since I posted this, and I need to write an update on where I am now in my skincare journey. Basically though, I have not found any natural skincare products that are efficient enough for my mature skin. I mainly use the natural products when I feel like I need some soothing ingredients. Thank you for your comment😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ABeautifulWhim says:

    I’d love to hear what’s working for you and if you have discovered anything new. I have been doing Fraxel (the non-ablative treatments) about once every 10-12 weeks and I do find that offers up a bit of a glow for a while. I don’t see the collagen benefits but results are cumulative and I’m heading in for my fourth treatment this week. The first one I did a long time ago. This recent series I’ve scheduled at regular intervals in hopes of a small miracle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • angeldellabeauty says:

      I’m starting to work on a Pinterest acct and one of the boards will be what’s currently working for me. Really, I think starting the obagi Nuderm system a few years ago has helped more than anything else. I use Retin A with it and am now up to using the 0.1% 4 nights a week. I have never been to a med spa nor had any kind of laser or procedures, which is funny because my daughter is a family practice physician who also does laser procedures in her clinic. I am so far pretty happy with how my skin looks for my age, but I do plan on having her laser my eye wrinkles soon:). I take collagen supplements which I will put on a Pinterest board as well. I really think eating a healthy whole food diet with plenty of good fats and keeping hydrated helps a ton, as well as moderate exercise. Right now, I would most like to have fillers for volume loss😕

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      • ABeautifulWhim says:

        Fillers have saved me! I’ve used a little Volbella which has been great at smoothing out the under eye area and at this point, I don’t know where I’m filled versus not. I’m constantly tweaking as Mother Nature beats me down. I feel like it’s a never ending battle but I just don’t want to give up! LOL I’d be interested if the supplements are helping? Definitely diet matters!

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      • angeldellabeauty says:

        I definitely think my collagen peptides help keep my skin plump. When I went without them for a month, my skin got really dry and crepey looking so I haven’t been without them since:). I think maybe it help skin stay hydrated? I don’t know for sure what it does, but I do know how it affects how my skin looks😊

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