It’s All About Me…And A Few Essential Oil Blends :)

img_0093I have the greatest children a mom could ask for.  My oldest daughter came very quickly in our marriage, just a couple months after our 2nd anniversary.  She was my little buddy…I sometimes feel like we kind of grew up together.  Our first child, our only child for 7 years, she excelled at academics, earning valedictorian status in middle and high school.  She was offered a scholarship to my alma mater, Baylor University, and excelled there as well, going on to medical school and becoming a very caring Family Practice Doctor.  She met her future husband during her residency and married him the summer before taking on her first full time position as a board certified physician.  A few years later she gave us our first granddaughter, who is the definite light of our lives these days.  Needless to say, we are beyond proud of our firstborn, Christy Anita, but this post is not about her.


Our last child came 10 years after our first one.  He was the son we prayed for and was everything we hoped he would be.  A good and handsome boy, he quietly went through his school years, never loving it, but faithfully completing everything that was required of him, and doing it well.  He dutifully completed college with a great GPA, a degree in computer science and a minor in math, still never loving it, but persevering and finishing in the time period we required of him.  He married the love he found when he was just fifteen, and is now a great husband to our beautiful new daughter.  He is our pride and joy, his dad’s hunting and fishing partner, just a steady rock for us all to lean on occasionally, which we are taking advantage of right now, actually. But this story is not about Caleb Joel, either.

This story belongs to the child I haven’t mentioned yet, the middle kid, the one who frequently may have received the short end of the stick, stuck between an over achieving sister and the baby boy the whole family doted over.  My sweet Josie.  She was the pleaser, the peace maker, and the one with a huge heart.  She also excelled in school, coming in third in her high school class, but while it came easily for her older sister, Josie worked super hard to get there, determined to get the same scholarship to Baylor that her sister received.  She did get that scholarship and completed her degree in four years.  She graduated with a degree in Nutrition, but after working in an education environment, she decided she wanted to teach in the public school system.  So she got her alternative certification and began her career as a secondary family and consumer sciences teacher.  She very quickly decided she loved the public education environment and decided to further her career, obtaining a masters degree in school counseling.

My friend, Linda (@goddess1207), said it elegantly and perfectly, when she described the differences and similarities of my two daughters in this way:  “Both listeners but listening for different things with different responses.”  I love that!!

Well, last year,  Josie married her soul mate and moved clear across the country to live and work in California.  I hated to see her go so far away, but honestly, since she is so good about calling quite frequently, usually on her way to and from work, I sometimes don’t even remember that she is so far away.

So where is this story headed anyway?  It’s not a story about how great my kids are, nor is it an outlet for me to analyze their different strengths and weaknesses.   Like I said earlier, this story is about Josie.  And me.  And how my observant, caring 28 year old middle child helped me finally start figuring myself out at the age of 55.

Josie, ever the observant one, recognized possibly before I did, that I needed some kind of creative outlet that was just for me, and me alone.  She helped me pinpoint where my interests tended to linger during these later middle age years, then on one of her visits from California, she helped me set up venues to create and record my mature beauty and health themed journeys.  Hence, my Instagram (@angeldellabeauty) and Beauty Blog pages were born.  Since my energetic two year old granddaughter keeps me so busy, I don’t have a ton of time yet to devote, but Josie keeps reminding me that this is not supposed to be a stressor; instead it should be a stress reliever, my hobby, to be pursued on my time.  And I’m having a great time!  I do hope that this little venture helps other mature women in some way, but ultimately I’m doing it because I enjoy it. 😊

So while I’m on the subject of Josie helping me, I have to close with the latest little project that she worked on with me about a month ago during the week she was here from California. I’ve become interested in learning about essential oils and have read a few books and blogs on the subject. I found places to purchase organic oils and supplies economically from wholesalers, and Josie worked beside me to create my first essential oil blends.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The pretty penmanship on the labels belongs to Josie, since my handwriting is almost illegible due to my arthritic fingers…  I’ve been enjoying using these oils this last month, but I need to learn much more about them and how best to incorporate them before I can review or attest to their healing properties.  Right now, it’s just another section of my ever evolving interests/hobbies.

Thank you for reading this little addition to my chronicles, and thank you, my precious creative Josie Anne (@38thandtemple).  I Love You!  ❤️

3 thoughts on “It’s All About Me…And A Few Essential Oil Blends :)

  1. Sue Maras says:

    Once again you have posted a fantastic piece!! I just love how well written it is! I love how you incorporate your family into your skincare journey👍 I am looking forward to hearing how you are using the essential oils and if you feel they are beneficial to use. Your kids sound amazing but the again look who they have as their MoM❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cat L says:

    You write so beautifully. I can totally relate to some of the things you mention in this post. I too struggled to figure myself out and decided to pursue my passion for beauty by starting an IG account and blog. I enjoy following you on Instagram and have just subscribed to your blog.
    Thank you for sharing this post. I loved learning more about you and your family.

    ~ Cat L.
    Instagram @DailyCatL

    Liked by 1 person

    • angeldellabeauty says:

      Thank you😘 I’ve been so busy lately that posting on IG is all I have taken the time for. BUT…I am anxious to get into actually blogging reviews. I love following your blog, as well as your IG. Thank you for following me!


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