Science Serum: TightEye and MoistureEyes

Hi everyone!  Just checking in to give you a quick review of some products from a company called ScienceSerum.

ScienceSerum gifted me the TightEye Serum and the MoistureEyes Serum in exchange for my honest review.   I have been using these products for about two months and, cutting to the chase…I’m definitely sold on them! I have actually purchased and used the TightEye gel in the past, loved AND repurchased it, so I was currently using the product when Science Serum contacted me. Of course I said yes to the offer! I already knew I would be repurchasing the TightEye and I was curious about the MoistureEyes serum.

Ingredients of TightEye Serum:

Hyaluronic acid-for hydration

Vitamin C-antioxidant that helps combat free radicals

Bio peptides-increases hydration plus helps retain moisture, and increases circulation bringing essential nutrients to the area

Green caviar extract-decreases dullness, sagging, hyperpigmentation; speeds up production of collagen and firms the skin

Caffeine-reduces inflammation

Argireline-a peptide that reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

MoistureEyes, a Medical grade moisturizer:

Glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, cupacu butter, vitamin E and Ceramides (all great anti aging ingredients)

Instructions (how I apply the serums):

TightEye Gel Serum: Apply a full pump under and 1/2 pump over each eye and let sit for 5 minutes then wipe off with damp washcloth.

MoistureEyes: Use a small pump under and around each eye after wiping away the TightEye Serum.

My Results (and the reason I will continue to repurchase both products):

The hoods of my eyes lifted, less puffiness over and under my eyes.

Eyeshadow goes on easier and smoother, plus Concealer lays more smoothly under my eyes. I am attributing the new smoothness to less crepiness above and below my eyes from using the serums daily for the past two months.

These products and more can be purchased at

Thank you for taking time out to read my reviews 💛

4 thoughts on “Science Serum: TightEye and MoistureEyes

  1. Cat L says:

    The brand is new to me but I love the sound of these products and of course, love seeing your results. I’ve always struggled with my undereyes, partly due to genetics and mostly because of lack of sleep. Puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are some of my concerns. Thank you for the review and introduction to this brand. Will check them out!

    ~ Cat L

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