A goodbye…and a new beginning

We said goodbye to you today

Our hearts broke as we watched you float away

Life had separated us somehow

And the time we had has ended now

Distance had made our silence grow

But our love was always there, I hope you know

As we watched the flowers drift away

The sun came out as if to say,

I am with God and peace has found me

Eternal Love is all around me

In God’s hands we’ll let you stay

I know we’ll meet again someday

She was born in the cold of winter, and she passed away almost exactly 55 years later, in the cold of winter. She was my sweet and spicy little sister…my only sister…and I miss her terribly.

I’ve tried multiple times to write a blog about her, and I’ve failed each time to say what I wanted in a succinct version that my readers might appreciate. In the end, I kept my notes and my drafts for myself. It was somewhat cathartic to write about our times together, from the joyous day of her birth to the grief filled day that we said goodbye.

But the truth is…I have so many regrets haunting me that I have finally made up my mind to let this be enough. The more I try to write something that I feel would be worthy of her, the more I end up dwelling on how I could have done things better at different times in our relationship.

I plan to move on and to focus on what’s ahead, and what is good in my own life, now and in the future. Which is why I’m planning to start blogging again. And getting back to my instagram, which brings a light hearted joy to my day, as superficial as it might seem to some.

My older daughter wrote the opening poem right after my sister’s funeral. My younger daughter has created a new image for my instagram profile. Each of my girls are helping me to heal, and that is what I will focus on going forward…the blessing that is my entire family still here with me❤️

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